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* Scaled 1/96 Noahs Ark Diorama

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* Scaled 1/192 Noahs Ark Diorama

Scaled Noahs Ark Diorama

This beautiful handcrafted one of a kind Biblical Scaled Museum Quality Noahs Ark Diorama was built in feet according to the dimensions given in the Bible (6:15-16).  The front of the diorama shows the finished Ark, and the back side of the diorama shows the Ark under construction. The Ark is 30" long x 5" high and 5 1/2" wide, made out of Black Walnut and American Cherry wood. The deck, and the deck house walls are planked in cherry, the hull and the roof is planked in walnut. The model has 14 deckhouse windows, and cubit windows on top of the Ark. The diorama comes complete with a entry ramp, animals, Noah, rocks, trees, Noahs Ark Plaques, and a Certificate of Authenticity signed by the Craftsman.

 The back of the diorama shows the Ark under construction, Noah is standing on this side of the model next to the lumber stack, animals are also displayed inside the Ark. This side is exposed to show the three floors of the Ark, the deck planks, floor ramps, and how the Ark may have been constructed.

Diorama Details

About The Case:

The diorama case is 36" long x 13" wide x 10" high, made out of a hard wood called Poplar, and encased in plexi-glass. The case top lifts off the diorama base so that you are able to view the diorama without the case top. The Ark also lifts out of the diorama so that you are able to place it on a table to view the Ark.

( Made To Order ) $2,500



( Please allow 6 - 8 weeks to receive your Order )

About the Model:

* The Ark is 30" long x 5 1/2" wide, and 5" high.

* Handcrafted 100% built from scratch, No store bought parts

* Scaled 1/192 - ( 1/16" = 1' ) Plank on frame construction ( stick built )

* The case top lifts off the diorama base

* The Ark lifts out of the diorama

* The Ark sets on a flat surface on its own

* Comes with Animals, and with two Noah figures (front & back)

* The back of the Ark shows the construction side, and Noah building the Ark

* Comes with a Certificate of Authenticity Certificate Of Authenticity





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