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* Biblical Noahs Ark Model

A beautiful handcrafted biblical museum quality large scaled Noah`s Ark Model built according to the dimensions given in the Bible. This Noah`s Ark Model is scaled 1/96, the Ark is 56 1/4" long x 7" high x 9 3/4" wide. The model is stick built, piece by piece plank on frame construction. The Arks frame is made out of Poplar Wood, the interior deck planks are made out of American Cherry, and the outside planks on the Ark is made out of Black Walnut wood to represent the pitch on the Ark. The Ark has three floors, each floor has some deck planks with ramps, and with some animal stalls on each floor.

The front of the model shows the Ark fully planked, and the back of the model shows the Ark under construction, this is to allow the viewer to see how the Ark may have been constructed. One gable end of the Ark is exposed, this was left unplanked so that you are able to look through the model to see its construction. The other gable end is fully planked. The model comes with a ramp, one door, Noah, 50 animals, and a Certificate Of Authenticity. The photos below show inside Noah`s Ark.

 A great display piece for your Church, Sunday School, Bible School, Animal Shelters, or just for your home.

( Made To Order ) $2,200.00

( Please allow 4 - 7 weeks to receive your Order )


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