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* Scaled 1/96 Noahs Ark Diorama

* Scaled 1/192 Noahs Ark Diorama

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                                     YOUR CUSTOM ARK MODEL                           

If you would like a custom made Ark, just send us an email or call # 717 - 521 - 2688, and let us know how you would like your Ark model to be made. It can be made in any type of wood, any size, what ever shape or type of Ark model that you want. We can build by pictures, drawings, photos, and by plans.


                                              CUSTOM ORDERS

* We also build custom display cases for our ark models.

God`s Ark Of Safety Model Case

Acrylic Case Top

Framed Case Top

Acrylic Case Top


Noahs Ark Presentation Model


We also custom build Noahs Ark Dioramas. The architectural Ark model below displays an actual Noah`s Ark Church now being built in Frostburg Maryland, called God`s Ark Of Safety. Click here to view the Ark model. Click here to see a Video of the God`s Ark Of Safety model, the video shows how the Ark is taken apart displaying the interior deck plans of the actual building. 

Gods Ark Of Safety Model

Watch the video below to see how this God`s Ark Model comes apart. 



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